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Open House

Founded in the U.S., “Gymboree” now has more than 750 schools in over 50 countries. Our programs help children acquire the cognitive, physical and social/emotional skills they need to succeed. At “Gymboree”, children learn how to express their ideas, work with their peers and communicate with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Please apply using the application form from the school you wish to attend.

※We offer 1hr and 3hr trial lessons. The first 1hr trial is free of charge and the 2nd trial is 3000 yen plus tax. 3hr trials are 5000 yen plus tax.
Please contact your desired school for details.

Open House

We will explain in detail about our educational concept, our programs, our curriculum and our pricing. We can also arrange for a private interview after the info session.

Trial Lessons

Join us for one of our age-appropriate play-based Mommy & Me or Drop-off classes. 

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Online Info Sessions

Our online info sessions are offered on a regular basis and are convenient for families who are unable to visit one of our schools in person.


Gymboree International School Motoazabu

Please join us for a free trial in a class of your choice.