Our Whole-child Approach to Learning

As the global leader in early childhood development programs for over 40 years, our age-appropriate programs focus on building children’s skills (cognitive, social/emotional and physical) and self-esteem, helping them grow to be confident, happy and successful learners. We encourage children to use their imaginations and creativity to solve problems on their own or cooperate with their peers to come up with a group solution. This helps them gain self-confidence and recognize that everyone can work together despite our differences.

Our Focus on Nurturing the 7 Social Skills Needed to Succeed

  • Confidence
  • Intentionality
  • Relatedness
  • Communication Skills
  • Curiosity
  • Cooperation
  • Self-Control

Our Educational Philosophy

All Our Programs Incorporate the 8 Domains of Early Childhood Development

Gymboree has used the California Department of Education’s Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), a formative assessment method, to test all our activities and confirm that each activity had a clear effect on children’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and behaviors. The eight areas of early childhood development covered by the DRDP (physical development, cognition, math and science, approach to learning/self-regulation, language and literacy, visual and artistic development, English language development, and social-emotional development) are incorporated into the curriculum for all of our programs. Therefore, all children who participate in our Gymboree International School/Gymboree Play and Music programs will exposed to activities that develop the skills and behaviors that are recognized as necessary for preschoolers in California.

Our Play-based Learning Style

At Gymboree International School, we believe that children learn and gain important skills through play, and that play and learning are inseparable.

Our Child-led Learning Style

We respect individuality and self-expression and encourage children to explore on their own and discover their strengths and interests. Our teaching style helps children learn how to think and solve problems on their own and communicate with their peers and teachers while improving their self-confidence.

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